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Crocus Sativus (saffron bulb)

Common name : saffron crocus or saffronsafran crocus sativus
Latin Name : crocus sativus
Family : Iridaceae
Sub-family : Crocoïdeae
Order : Liliidae
Category : bulbous plant with stemless triploid

Bulbs : also known as corms, are covered with a dry vegetable tunic which protects them.

Plants : stands upright, between 20 and 40cm in height, depending on its position.

Leaves : straight, fine and narrow, rather like chives.  Beautiful dark green.  They appear at the time of, or just after, flowering, occasionally before.  Their growth period is from October to May.  Then they detach themselves from the mother bulb (crocus sativus).  It is a plant with deciduous leaves.

Flowers : appear at the end of the night, closed; six violet petals veined with white surround and protect the pistil from sun and damp.  The pistil is made up of three stigma, the fresh saffron.  The flower only lives for 48 hours, then dies, which also means the death of the bulb (crocus sativus) having given its flower.

Multiplication : this is vegetative.  It is carried out by the multiplication of the bulbs in the soil.  The mother bulb gives birth to offspring, then dries out and dies.  The offspring bulbs increase in size throughout the winter after flowering, and in spring.

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