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ISO 3632.1.2/2003

After physico-chemical and microbiological analysis, in March 2010 Safran du Château obtained the standard ISO 3632.1.2/2003.

The standard ISO 3632.1.2/2003 defines a classification (established in Spain) which grades saffron according to 5 essential criteria:

  • dampness: quality of drying
  • level of crocine: pigment, colouring strength
  • safranal: its olfactory potential 
  • level of picrocrocine: the fragrant, bitter molecule
  • taste potential 

The result of the analysis is a runaway success; from now on, Safran du Château is classed in Category 1, giving it entry to the little family of the world’s greatest saffrons.
Today, many saffrons produced without any particular care obtain the ISO standard.

At Safran du Château, we believe that it’s time to make radical changes to the terms of qualitative reference which establish the standard, in three categories.

The analytical results of reference should be reviewed upwards, so as to confirm to professional and domestic users that an ISO Category 1 standard genuinely refers to a very good saffron.