Sales of pure saffron, saffron products, bulbs, courses and training, special evening events and outings

The team

Safran du château

Our small business is managed by two people, Carole and me.  Carole looks after our shop five days per week - that is, the management of supplies, sales, themed displays in the shop, the monthly finance.  She also looks after the administration and accounts which directly concern her, in permanent contact with our accountant.  Finally, Carole makes some of our by-products, namely the syrups and jams.

For my part, I am completely occupied with growing the saffron, all year round, alone on our two hectares.  I look after the entire commercial aspect of the saffron, the by-products and the trade in bulbs with Holland.  I also deal with all the business side: client contact, prospective customer contact, sales, media relations, guided visits, shows and exhibitions, seminars and themed days or evenings for our restaurant clients.  I also arrange two annual training courses, in summer and autumn.

There !  In fact, our team is made up of two and a half people : our daughter Kenya brings, very modestly and depending on her mood, her own little contribution …when picking and pruning.  She already seems to be very interested in this little flower … which obviously she already knows well … about which we are very pleased.