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The Château and the saffron fields

The saffron fields of "Safran du Château" in Alsace

At this moment, four plots of land are in production in  four different communities.  Consequently, the different soil analyses reveal three different soil structures: silty clay; chalky clay; and fairly stony silty clay.  There is also a satisfactory level of organic matter.  The crocus behaves here in a completely adequate way, on each type of mixed soil, although it does seem to prefer soil better provided with silt and limestone.

5,000 bulbs from France were planted in 2006 on plot N°1, on an area of 200 m2.
100,000 bulbs, grade 8+ (25 to 30mm diameter) from Holland were planted in 2007.  Of those, 25,000 were planted on plot No2, an area of 900 m2, and 75,000 on plot No3 on an area of 2,000m2.

In 2008, 100,000 extra bulbs from Holland, grade 10+ (40-50mm diameter) were also planted on a fourth plot with an area of 3,000 m2.

In 2009, 65,000 bulbs, grade 10, were planted higher, at 500m, on a plot measuring 3,500 m2, of which only 3,000 m2 accommodated the corms.

In 2010, 50,000 extra grade 10+ and 8+ bulbs were planted on 3,500 m2.

In 2011, 150,000 bulbs were planted on 5,500 m2.  

Initially planted on an area of 200 m2 in 2006, the Safran du Château saffron beds stretched to two hectares in 2011, with a quantity of almost 500,000 bulbs in the soil.

Consequently, and indisputably, our saffron beds form the largest independent saffron enterprise in France.